Heart and Soul Nebulae
The Heart and Soul Nebulae are a pair of emission nebulae that make up a larger star forming complex located about 6,000 light years away in the Perseus arm of the Milky Way, towards the constellation Cassiopeia. Together they are about 300 light years across.
In this image, the rightmost nebula is IC 1805, the Heart Nebula, while IC 1848, the Embryo Nebula, W5, or the Soul Nebula takes the left. Radiation and stellar winds from the young stars forming within the regions are responsible for blowing out the holes and crevices in the surrounding material. The energy from these stars also ionizes surrounding hydrogen, causing the nebulae to glow red.
Image from National Geographic, information from NASA and NASA.

Gaza Strip’s only power plant knocked out by Israeli shelling
Reuters: Israeli tank fire hit the fuel depot of the Gaza Strip’s only power plant on Tuesday, witnesses said, cutting electricity to Gaza City and many other parts of the Palestinian enclave of 1.8 million people.
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Photo: A Palestinian firefighter works to control the blaze at Gaza’s only power plant. (Reuters via NBCNews.com)

Richard Dawkins, a white man, ranks which types of rape and pedophilia he believes are worse, telling those who disagree to “go away and learn how to think.”

NYPD officer pictured ‘putting seven-months pregnant woman into a chokehold for illegally grilling outside her apartment’

An advocacy group has released images which claim to show an NYPD officer putting a seven-months pregnant woman into a chokehold for illegally grilling on the sidewalk in front of her apartment. 
NYPD officers have been banned from using the chokehold since 1993, but an officer can be seen in the pictures wrapping his arm around 27-year-old Rosan Miller’s neck in the Saturday incident. 
Her young daughter is also in the pictures, watching the arrest unfold.

Illegally grilling on the sidewalk! What a hardened, dangerous criminal! And I bet that little girl now has a very solid grasp on who she can trust and what’s ok to do to women and/or people who are physically weaker than you!


people get angrier about their tax money going towards helping people than it going towards killing people 

Her beauty is in her smile. 

An NYPD officer was caught using a chokehold again. This time on a pregnant woman 

Pictured above is an NYPD officer placing pregnant Rosan Miller in a chokehold right before she was arrested for disorderly conduct on Saturday. Miller’s offense: Grilling on a sidewalk, which violates local law in Brooklyn. In the photos, an officer has his arm around Miller’s neck in an apparent struggle.

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The Bio Intelligent Quotient (B.I.Q.) Building is the First Fully Algae-Powered Architecture

Operating successfully for over a year, the Bio Intelligent Quotient (B.I.Q.) building in Hamburg, Germany is the first to be fully powered by algae. The building is covered with 0.78-inch thick panels—200 square meters in total—filled with algae from the Elbe River and pumped full of carbon dioxide and nutrients. The panels, which display the bright green algae, are not only aesthetic, but performative. When sunlight hits the “bioreactor” panels, photosynthesis causes the microorganisms to multiply and give off heat. The warmth is then captured for heating water or storing in saline tanks underground, while algae biomass is harvested and dried. It can either be converted to biogas, or used in secondary pharmaceutical and food products. Residents have no heating bills and the building currently reduces overall energy needs by 50%. 


Post Ramadan Stress Disorder: the anxiety that hits you as soon as you eat something because for a split second you think you’re still fasting

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